Some jewelers make "accessories" that fade into the outfit. I prefer to make noticeable jewelry that livens up a classic wardrobe. My necklaces are more like "focal points."

I've been beading off and on for decades, but it appealed to me again recently as a way to relax and express my creativity. I love jewelry, and rarely am seen with the same set two days in a row. Unfortunately, I can't always find jewelry to my liking in stores. Making jewelry for myself got me started, and the compliments inspired me to bring my pieces to the public. And of course, I only use the same high quality materials I'd use for my own jewelry.

With so many people trying to make money, I've seen a lot of "necklaces" that lack creativity and complexity. I sit down and think about each piece individually. There is a complexity of color coordination that not everyone can master. I try to bring that complexity into my pieces and make them elegant and classic.

Jewelry By Joni

Welcome to my shop! I make all my jewelry with high quality materials. I use fine czech glass beads in most of my pieces, and put lots of thought into every design. Anyone can string a bunch of green beads on a string and call it a necklace. I bring true creativity into my pieces, and it shows.

I welcome custom orders and questions! Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries.